Do sales professionals of today lack some important qualities ?

We are not talking about skill here, the sales professionals of today are highly skilled, more knowledgeable and yeah maybe more smarter, but there are some qualities which were based on certain ritualistic and legacy traits, these precisely are becoming rare.

So which are some the qualities which sales professionals have either left behind as relics of the past generation or are not sure whether they really work in today’s context hence they no longer display these attributes or more worryingly do they even know about the same ?

Respect for your customer – Wow, this seems like a moral judgement but it isn’t. Just speak to customers today who deal with sales professionals virtually on a daily basis and you will get the idea. The pressures of sales bring forth undesirable traits of the very human sales person. In desperation to close the deal and sometimes to just hold on to their jobs, compromises are often witnessed in terms of manipulation and misrepresentation , also customers are threatened with multiple worst case scenarios including revoking of prices , services etc in case they don’t adhere to deadlines for confirming orders .

The short term gain of closing the deal under such tactics and coercion is truly short term as customers stung by the betrayal and disrespectful behaviour start looking for other competitive vendors for their next cycle of procurement. There are some sales persons who still claim complete customer loyalty and laugh off any mention of their customer considering switching over to competition, well they have very less time on their hands to get things sorted.
Respect your customers and they respect you. Can’t be simpler than that.

Sense of Urgency – “There is so much to do in such little time” – this is the favourite crib of most sales professionals which is entirely not untrue as well , The hectic work loads are breaking backs of young sales professionals who believe their torment is equal or greater than being in hell.

So in such situations there should be an ever prevailing sense of urgency dominating the sales person’s life. Correct? Not really, the irony is sales professionals today are so busy doing multiple tasks without actually prioritising the most urgent and most important. The playing it down of critical matters at hand causes a spiral affect which derails other tasks in the queue.

The sense of urgency is the sign of stopping everything else, getting up, taking charge and getting things moving even it means you move without others joining in. Eventually others will team up and help you. So do you really have to stick out your neck where others were whispering – It’s not my job? The answer is always a YES, because this is what separates the men from the boys.

So get the RESPECT out for your customers and display your Sense of Urgency on your sleeve to succeed in sales.

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