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Organisations strive to build a profitable business model aimed at attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. It is important for your business to ensure that sales grow year on year, without growth it is not possible to achieve economies of scale and sooner or later competitors who have achieved optimal utilisation of resources will eat into your market share. Along with a sound Product Management strategy it is essential to build a complimenting Sales & Distribution organisation which is ably supported by primary and secondary Channel Partners who ensure geographical reach and customer connectivity. ThinkLead brings together a talented and seasoned group of Principal Consultants who help organisations ideate, formulate and implement business plans around these specific areas.

Domains of Business Consulting

Sales and Distribution

We help you setup your sales and distribution organisation, every aspect right from the product planning stage to the delivery of product to the end customer is evaluated and taken into consideration to arrive at the optimum sales & distribution engine for your business.

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Product Management

Is your product the next winning idea the world is awaiting with bated breath? Great, we help you get your idea to the market place with our comprehensive product management plans.

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Channel Management

Getting your product and service offerings across to your target customer requires a sound channel management strategy, there are primary and secondary partners in the channel ecosystem comprising of resellers, distributors, retailers and logistics, financers and other enablers respectively.

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Our Clients

  • ARI Healthcare
  • C Dot Systems
  • Next Dimension
  • Infoworld Systems
  • Monarch Technologies