Sales and Distribution Achieve your desired sales goals

We help you optimize your sales and distribution organisation

Every aspect right from the product planning stage to the delivery of product to the end customer is evaluated and taken into consideration to arrive at the optimum sales & distribution engine for your business.

Our Consulting engagements encompass:

Defining the team structure

We help you decide on whether product based sales team structure, geographic location based structured sales team with or without further market segmentation is ideal for your business; there are hybrid models which combine both the product, territory and other segmentation criteria as well.

Team Hierarchy

The larger sales team have multiple challenges, the more levels of hierarchy between the front end sales team member and the sales head there are likely to be more complexities hence it is essential to have the right levels of hierarchy without compromising on business objectives.

Drafting the Job description & Key Responsibility Areas

The right skills, educational qualifications, job experience criteria are all necessary work specifications to be incorporated in the Job Description .The key responsibility areas have to be defined clearly without ambiguity; the preparation of a precise Job Description goes in a long way in the selection of the right candidates.

Sales Team Skills Development

There are skills which are acquired over time and experience, there are others which are specific to the job requirements. Identification of such skills and preparation of a skill development program is essential to an effective sales team.

Reporting methods and Periodicity

The productivity of the sales team members is measured by the sales generated by their individual efforts; the same has to be monitored periodically by weekly sales reports, monthly commit report, quarterly forecasts, weekly travel plan etc. Such reports and their periodicity form the backbone of the sales and distribution reporting mechanism.

Target assignments

Based on the estimated sales figures which are arrived after ascertaining the total market size, competition share and growth rates of the industry, the organisation assigns sales targets to the sales team, this process has to be based on strong factual information as well as business objectives. It is a make or break process where instances of wrongful setting of targets can result in unintended consequences.

Sales Plan Monitoring

The sales plan is a contract between the organisation and sales person which defines the expectations from the sales team members on various metrics including sales revenue figures , top line and bottom line targets , territory coverage , customer acquisition , retention targets etc . The organisation commits the rewards and incentives applicable in case of achievement of the said targets in this contract as well.

Incentive Programs

The inventive structure is formulated based on the sales plan document, the incentive programs may be a part of the sales plan or in addition or in some cases can supersede the same.

Rewards & Recognition

Organisations on a regular basis reward and recognise the talent and contribution of their top sales performers, there may be either a monetary or non monetary reward which is presented in annual sales events or specific senior management level forums.
With support from our recruitment and training divisions we help find the right talent and train them to contribute as per your expectations in delivering your sales expectations.

Our Clients

  • ARI Healthcare
  • C Dot Systems
  • Next Dimension
  • Infoworld Systems
  • Monarch Technologies