Cloud Computing Leveraging the Cloud to achieve your business goals

​We enable your decision on the right cloud strategy for your organisation

Cloud Service providers are offering their pool of hardware resources, servers, computing infrastructure, network bandwidth, security on the fly as virtual devices or instances for customers to tap into and pay as per usage instead of investing on expensive hardware and software.

We at ThinkLead help you in evaluating your current technology landscape and consult you in taking a right decision in your proposed shift to a cloud based service model by getting you answers for the most common questions for instance:
  • 1

    How does migrating to cloud based service model help achieve my business objectives?

  • 2

    What are the distinct advantages of a cloud service over my current on premise solution which compel me to make a comparison?

  • 3

    Concerns related to downtime, availability, outages need to be addressed, Is there a alternative of secondary vendors or of options to go offline and reconnect?

  • 4

    Security concerns related to data storage, encryption, backup and recovery.

  • 5

    How do I fulfil the requirement of trained resources to enable the switch to the cloud?

  • 6

    Vendor evaluation criteria to be examined is very comprehensive including vendor reliability, infrastructure, roadmap, compliance, regulatory framework, service level agreements, customer references, support, payment options etc.

Our Clients

  • ARI Healthcare
  • C Dot Systems
  • Next Dimension
  • Infoworld Systems
  • Monarch Technologies