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Build an Agile and Responsive Organisation

Organisations today are winning in the marketplace on basis of their agility and responsiveness, these are necessary competitive advantages enabled by a functional IT infrastructure management process and skilled team members.

We bring the best of services and solutions around infrastructure management to our customers. By working together with our principal consultants, partners and alliances we ensure the proof of concept, solution design and implementation is validated and is an industry benchmark.

Data Center Management Services

Our suite of Data Center Management Services offer complete end to end solutions for deciding your in house or outsourced data center right from feasibility report , capacity planning , defining bill of material , vendor short listing , integration , service level agreements ,compliance, security, support , monitoring , business analytics etc.

We provide specific research reports and consultancy on

  • Data Center Build Project Planning
  • Energy Management Systems and Audit
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • SLA , Uptime and Availability definition and monitoring
  • Virtualisation
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Date Center Refresh

Client Computing Services

With the increase in the types of access devices which are getting connected to your servers, it is important to implement policies regarding standard procedures and guidelines for operations.

Along with fixed desktop computing resources , there are a spectrum of thin clients as well as mobile devices like notebooks , tablets and Smartphone’s which are enabled with enterprise applications requiring seamless , secure and quick connectivity to your private infrastructure.

The standardisation of these computing devices, selection of vendors, support policies, refresh and replace guidelines, security measures etc require the expertise of skilled professionals.

ThinkLead provides services to ensure your client computing platforms are well adapted and secure to meet your application software and service provider expectations as well as ensure that your organisation is more flexible, quick and responsive to address your end customer levels of satisfaction.

System Integration Services

Customers having complex disparate systems spread across multiple locations are looking for a simplified process which enables different locations, functions, businesses to integrate into the overall enterprise framework thereby providing standardised and smooth exchange of information.

We bring solutions from world class hardware and software vendors and provide the required system integration serviced to ensure they seamlessly bind together in the overall solution.

The various services under system integration include-

  • IT Hardware and Software Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Multiple Platform Integration
  • Cloud Based Integration Services

Remote Management Services

In the highly networked and internet enabled IT environment with multiple customer locations and mobile workforce it is imperative to have a mechanism to enable decision makers and system administrators and support staff with access to systems and their resources from remote locations in a quick and secure manner.

We bring expertise and skills in various industry accepted software tools and services to help setup your remote management team and process or help outsource the same to competent vendors.

Our Clients

  • ARI Healthcare
  • C Dot Systems
  • Next Dimension
  • Infoworld Systems
  • Monarch Technologies