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Technology is such a fast paced industry that trainings on new technology skills require trainers to keep themselves nearly two generations ahead of the current skill pool. The task is tough as adoption of technology on the other hand is a slow process, therefore keeping your current knowledge bank active along with learning new skills is the challenge faced by technology specialists all over.

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ThinkLead focuses on specialised technology training offerings which are transformational in nature. These are delivered by technology evangelists who define and influence technology trends in the industry.

  • “We had been struggling with high costs due to overshooting our IT budgets on the proposed server procurements for the new CRM application we finalised. After engaging with ThinkLead we were convinced to move to the Cloud model, we are now evaluating Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) options from leading Cloud Service providers and will be going ahead shortly, the cloud model is scalable, pay for use and meeting our software vendor’s availability criteria.”

    CIO India’s leading Auto Ancillary Manufacturing Company
  • “The key issue faced by our IT System Integration business was diminishing sales , we just did not have enough sales leads, our sales team was struggling to source new customer leads , we had a high attrition rate as most sales personnel were demotivated because of not meeting targets. Our engagement with ThinkLead brought about a drastic change in the sales process and increased our sales productivity by over 30% in the first few months , we are confident of ramping up sales further in the next quarter.”

    CEO India’s Top 10 Systems Integrator Organisation
  • “We recently won a project which required us to build a team, recruit and train experts on Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Our challenge was to find talented resources within a short time, also we were not aware of certified faculty in new age technologies to train our resources, with the assistance of ThinkLead we could get our team recruited and trained within the project timelines ”

    Director Startup IT Services Company